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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, please give us a call at 1 (647) 886 0075 or contact us here - or please let us know during your consultation call.

Pricing and plans

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing structure is a combination of a one time setup amount, monthly account management amount and ads management percentage. You can purchase additional growth products by referring to our à la carte catalog. Please view our pricing here.

Do you require a long term commitment?

We ask for 12 months to show our value, then our agreement turns monthly after that.

How do I terminate our partnership (after initial 12 months)?

In the unlikely event that you want to discontinue our partnership, we ask for a 30 day written notice. VirtualAd will continue managing your marketing for the next 30 days to provide a smooth transition with your campaigns.

How do I terminate our partnership (before initial 12 months)?

In the unlikely event that you want to discontinue our partnership before the initial 12 months, we require 30 day written notice and full payment of the account management amount for the remaining months of our initial 12 month agreement.

There is significant up front work and investment into our partnership during the early phases of our relationship - and it takes up to 12 months to see a significant positive transformation to your business as a result of our growth team implementing The VirtualAd Growth System™.

What does VirtualAd do with my data and assets if I terminate our partnership?

Unlike many advertising agencies, we do not own any data or assets related to your brand. We will remove access from your advertising accounts and asset items. We will keep VirtualAd produced material in our files (ie. strategy, reporting, creative) in case you want to regain access to old files even after our partnership concludes.

About VirtualAd

Who do you work with?

We specialize in helping lead generation brands that have high ticket offers.

We provide the most value to companies that are already spending at least $50K+ monthly on advertising and are looking to hire a revenue growth partner to scale their digital marketing efforts.

You must be doing $250K in monthly online sales or at a minimum, are spending at least $20K per month in online advertising.

How many people will work on my account?

We operate in a pod structure. Each pod is led by a Lead Account Stategist that works with customers directly and is supported by a campaign manager, tracking expert and creative team to execute on strategy.

How many customers does each pod manage?

Each pod works with a maximum of 5 customers.

How are you different from other agencies?

Our customers do not just view us as their ad agency, they see us as their revenue growth partner.

In today’s evolving marketing landscape you need a deep bench of expertise in measurement, reporting, strategy, media buying and creative to grow your brand. Through our pod structure, VirtualAd ensures that all these resources are operating cohesively to achieve your business goals.

We are performance driven, fully transparent and do not require long term commitments past 12 months.

Is the VirtualAd team in-house employees?

Yes, all VirtualAd employees are full time and working in-house.


How do I access my reports?

During your 6-week onboarding phase, we will set up a custom reporting dashboard that displays your performance data in real-time. You will be invited to create an account so that you can log in when needed. Simply visit www.virtualad.co and click ‘Log In’ to access your account.

In addition to real-time reports, our team sends custom PDF reports monthly alongside personalized emails with valuable insights. You can book unlimited reporting meetings with your campaign manager through their personal Calendly link. Reporting meetings are typically 20 minutes.

What type of results can I expect?

Results vary based on the growth stage of each business and the strategy of each company. We aim for a minimum ROAS 2.0 and anywhere up to 8.0 based on the campaign and time of year.

Is there transparency with cost breakdown and ad spend?

Yes, of course. You will know exactly how much you are spending and where your money is going. VirtualAd is fully transparent with how much you are spending on ads, what channels we are allocating budget to, and give a full itemized breakdown of your fees on your monthly invoices.

Does VirtualAd work with our internal CRM system?

Our team will work with your team to ensure CRM data is being used to better understand how leads are converting into customers, impacting revenue, and conduct ROAS analysis. We also work with your CRM data to import lead and customer data back into your advertising accounts, for improved targeting and campaign performance.

We are most familiar with Hubspot, Active Campaign and Mailchimp - however are flexible and will do our best to meet your needs.

*We do not set up CRM systems for customers but rather, utilize the data in your account for better reporting and campaign performance.

Customer Support

How do I get in touch with my pod?

You will know your growth team on a first name basis, have access to their email and be able to schedule a meeting whenever you’d like.

How frequently can I meet with my pod lead?

It’s best to coordinate monthly meetings with your Account Strategist, as it takes a month or so for campaign optimizations and new strategies to take effect and have an impact on your results.

If you coordinate meetings too frequently, we find that it takes time away from our team being able to implement new strategies and optimize your campaigns for better performance.

However, if you feel more comfortable having more frequent meetings - that is okay as well.


How does invoicing work?

Our pricing structure is built on three product categories:

  1. One Time Setup: A fixed, one time amount at the start of our engagement. Your one time set up amount will be quoted during the presentation of your growth plan. If we decide to move forward with a partnership, this amount will be billed upon signing your Statement of Work with VirtualAd - this will be your initiation date.
  2. Account Management: A fixed monthly amount to cover a baseline set of services, including slow season months. Your account management amount will be invoiced on the first day of the month. This will be issued automatically with a recurring invoice feature. Your credit card will be saved and charged automatically.
  3. Ads Management: A percentage of ad budget to cover campaign management and performance. Ads management (and email and SMS) amounts will be invoiced on the last day of each month. These will be manually invoiced as our Finance department will need to calculate percentage of previous month’s ad spend (and percentage of revenue attributed for email and SMS).
What are the payment terms?

VirtualAd invoicing terms are Net 15. We will set up automated reminders. We will also send manual follow-ups for invoices that are overdue past 30 days. Invoices that become overdue for more than 15 days will be subject to a 3% late fee charge. This will be automatically added to the original invoice if it is still unpaid at this time.

Are the penalties for paying an invoice late?

Invoices that become overdue for more than 15 days will be subject to a 3% late fee charge. This will be added to the original invoice if it is still unpaid at this time.

Don’t worry! We will set up 3 automated reminders around the time an invoice is due - and manually follow-up for invoices that become overdue past 30 days.

What does an agreement with VirtualAd look like?

If we decide to move forward with a partnership, we will draft a legal Statement of Work that outlines terms of our agreement including project scope, invoicing terms, pricing and other related items.

We require a 12 month commitment until which our partnership turns month-to-month.


Can anyone be a trusted VirtualAd partner?

No, we only partner with brands that have a likeminded vision. Partnering with VirtualAd is an investment of time and resources, so we need to ensure there is strong alignment and synergies between what we can offer, and what you can offer.

We see this relationship as more than a partnership, it is a strategic alliance established to help each other grow and provide value to each others customers.

Does it cost money to be a VirtualAd partner?

No. Partnerships do not cost money, however there is an expectation that both parties invest time into webinars, thought leadership, referrals, and finding ways to support each other.

How do I become a VirtualAd partner?

Simply fill in the partnership inquiry form and we will set up an evaluation call that will allow us to better understand how we can support each other.


What is the maximum amount I can earn for referring a business to VirtualAd?

There’s no limit to how many businesses within your network you refer. You’ll receive a $1000 money transfer for every referred contact that signs as a VirtualAd customer. Your referrals (if qualified) will also receive a free growth plan (normally $2,500).

How does VirtualAd keep track of who I refer?

We track all referrals in a shared spreadsheet. Your referrals will be tracked under three stages: meeting scheduled, referral lost, referral won. As soon as a referral becomes referral won, you will receive a $1000 money transfer.

Do I have to be a VirtualAd customer to receive referral rewards?

No, anyone can refer businesses to VirtualAd. Tap into your network and start earning passive income today.


What topics is VirtualAd comfortable speaking to?

Our team is comfortable speaking on topics related to digital marketing for D2C ecommerce and lead generation brands. This could be related to running highly effective paid advertising campaigns, to building high converting ads, to implementing a robust tracking and analytics system, and much more.

What type of conferences does VirtualAd consider speaking at?

We focus on attending and speaking at conferences that are attended mostly by retail and direct-to-consumer lead generation brands, as this is where our expertise lies.

Is VirtualAd open to speaking at conferences globally?

Yes, our team is available to travel to conferences depending on if there are synergies between attendees and our focus area as an agency.

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