The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™

A 5 phased fully integrated system

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How the methodology works


The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™ is built to ensure data integrity and follows a comprehensive 5 phase system to ensure reliable data and reporting. The purpose of this framework is to align on growth objectives, establish confidence and transparency with how we are doing against those objectives and optimize your strategy for improved performance.

We use a mix of measurement technologies (third party and tools built in-house) to provide you a full integrated measurement system that conveniently gives you all of the insight you need at your fingertips. Without reliable data, businesses like yours cannot make calculated decisions. The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™ enables data driven decision making.

Framework overview.

We work with the world’s best measurement solutions

Phase One

Data collection


Google Tag Manager

By implementing GTM, all of your tags will be organized in one central hub, without affecting your website source code.

Tags and Triggers

Tracking events are set up for all marketing channels and fire based on rules (a.k.a. triggers) that are defined

Tag Organization

Tags and triggers are organized into folders and follow simple-to-understand naming conventions

Data Verification

Detailed testing takes place to ensure tracking events are set up and firing accurately for all channels.

Tracking Implementation Report

A customized PDF report will be shared detailing all tracking events implemented including screenshots

Apple IOS and GA4 Implementation

Apple iOS requirements will be set up and GA4 will be optimized to provide an added layer of multi-channel insights
Phase Two

Goal setting


Goal alignment meeting

A 2 hour collaborative session to establish specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based growth goals

Historical performance analysis

Multi channel conversion rate analysis is conducted to create accurate future performance forecasting scenarios

Revenue forecasting

A comprehensive revenue forecast is completed that takes into consideration growth goals and historical performance

Budget requirements

Our performance team will calculate the budget required per marketing channel to hit your growth goals

Seasonality planning

Revenue and budget forecasts take into account seasonality to ensure we adapt to high and low demand months

Channel mix

A comprehensive strategy that includes a breakdown of marketing channels required to hit your growth goals
Phase Three

Cross channel attribution


Custom UTM builder

Our data team will create a custom UTM builder defining multi-channel naming conventions for clean GA4 reporting

GA4 source testing

Our data and strategy team will conduct tests to ensure traffic source information is bucketed properly

Conversion goal testing

Conversion goal testing by traffic source will ensure results are accurately attributed by marketing channel

Referral source exclusions

Referral exclusions are fundamental to ensure conversion attribution is not allocated to unwanted referral sources

Cross domain tracking

Cross domain tracking implementation is crucial to ensure conversions are attributed to the correct originating source

Funnel visualization

Custom report in GA4 to visualize how users are graduating through your marketing funnel and how steps are performing
Phase Four

Conversion rate optimization


Graduation rate data collection

A custom funnel visualization report is set up in GA4 tracking user graduation across your marketing funnel

The VirtualAd Funnel Visualizer™

Your graduation rates are inputted into The VirtualAd Funnel Visualizer™ to monitor your marketing funnel performance


Performance insights are analyzed and a testing hypothesis is created to improve underperforming steps

A/B Test

Landing page variations are developed and tested against control pages with the goal of improving graduation rate


A/B test result are reported in your custom VirtualAd real-time reporting dashboard and the losing page is paused


A new hypothesis is created and test is implemented - this process is repeated until optimal performance is achieved
Phase Five

Real time reporting


Custom VirtualAd dashboard

Your custom VirtualAd dashboard is designed to showcase the metrics you care about in real-time

Multi channel integrations

Your VirtualAd dashboard integrates with all major marketing platforms and will display performance across all channels

Mobile app

You can download the VirtualAd reporting app to access your marketing performance data on-to-go

Monthly PDF breakdowns

Each month, you will receive custom PDF reports telling a detailed story about your results and how to interpret them

Personalized emails

Each month, you will receive a personalized reporting email that includes your PDF report and additional monthly insights

Performance meetings

At any point, you can book a 15-minute video call with your campaign manager to review performance results

Benefits of The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™

The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™ enables the VirtualAd team to drive higher performance for your business and bring you transparent campaign results to your fingertips.

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Target High Value Audiences

Find users online who are most likely to become investors based on first party data collected via custom event setup and .csv data feeds
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Stronger Platform Algorithm

Improve ad platform optimization algorithm by sharing first party data via custom event triggers and data feeds
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In Depth Optimization

Optimize towards event triggers based on which consideration phase users are in and share audience data across multiple platforms
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Advanced Bidding Tactics

Restrict campaign spending based on hitting minimum performance metrics and test advanced bidding tactics to reduce conversion costs
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Multi-Channel Analysis

Analyze cross channel performance using Google Analytics as your unbiased representation of platform performance
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Centralized Reporting

See all of your key metrics in one place for easier comparison and without logging into multiple platforms on a frequent basis
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Customized Dashboard

Custom marketing dashboard showcasing account performance, goals, channel breakdowns, and useful insights
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Monthly meetings to discuss results, progress towards investor targets, previous month’s optimizations, and alignment next month’s focus items

Sample Implementation Deliverables

Pixel Implementation
Calendly Integrations
GA4 Implementation
Pre-Scheduled Meetings
Custom Events
Custom Audiences
Google Tag Manager
Reporting & Commentary
Apple iOS Requirements
Audience Exclusions
Reporting Dashboard
Custom UTM Builder
High Value Events
Audience Segmentation
CRM Integration
Goal Forecasting by Channel
Data Layer Triggering
Cross Platform Data Sharing
Collaborate on Lead Quality
Budget Allocation Mix
Tag and Trigger Organization
Funnel Visualization
Screenshots of Implementation
Cross Domain Client ID Transfer
....and more

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