Refer a business, earn $1,000

For each business you refer to VirtualAd that signs up as a customer, your referral will receive a Free Growth Plan valued at $4,500 to help them reach the next stage in their growth. As a thank you for your referral, you will receive $1,000. Join us in helping businesses grow and earn money in the process.

How it works

step 1


Share your referral details by completing this contact form. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours to coordinate a formal introduction.

Step 2


Introduce a VirtualAd sales rep to your referral and earn $1000 when both parties decide to move forward. Your referral will also receive a Free Growth Plan (normally $4,500).

Step 3


Leverage your network to continue referring businesses to VirtualAd and start earning a passive income stream for every referred business that we end up working with.

Tap into your network

You’ve invested a lot into people and building your professional network - it’s time to start monetizing your connections.

Earn passive income

Start making easy money online by referring businesses to VirtualAd. For every referred business that we partner with, you will receive $1000 directly to your bank.


Are you interested in passive income?

Start earning money today by referring businesses to VirtualAd.


What our referrers have to say

Here from VirtualAd referrers about their experience with our Referral Program.

Danielle Fobert

Lead Designer

Sebastian Narvaez

Campaign Manager

Corwin Givens

Account Strategist

Have questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, please contact us here - or please let us know during your consultation call.

What is the maximum amount I can earn for referring a business to VirtualAd?

There’s no limit to how many businesses within your network you refer. You’ll receive a $1000 money transfer for every referred contact that signs as a VirtualAd customer. Your referrals (if qualified) will also receive a free growth plan (normally $4,500).

How does VirtualAd keep track of who I refer?

We track all referrals in a shared spreadsheet. Your referrals will be tracked under three stages: meeting scheduled, referral lost, referral won. As soon as a referral becomes referral won, you will receive a $1000 money transfer.

Do I have to be a VirtualAd customer to receive referral rewards?

No, anyone can refer businesses to VirtualAd. Tap into your network and start earning passive income today.

Start earning money today by referring businesses to VirtualAd.

Refer a business to VirtualAd and receive a $1,000 thank-you for each successful referral. Your referral will also receive a free $4,500 Growth Plan. Help businesses grow and earn money.


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