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Leading the Charge in Real Estate Innovation with VirtualAd Partnership

VirtualAd leverages cutting-edge digital solutions to generate leads and drive growth for the Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund.

McGillivray Capital Partners is a dynamic investment firm leveraging strategic opportunities in real estate while offering an alternative form of investing to Canadians. They turned to VirtualAd’s expertise to help drive investments and accelerate their fund's growth trajectory.


Fund II: Surpassed $30M Fundraising Goal Ahead of Schedule in Just 12 Months.


Fund II Extension: Building on success from the Fund, McGillivray Capital Partners announced a revised goal extending the raise by an additional $20M.

Strategic Highlights:

Implemented a robust multi-channel marketing strategy to boost fundraising efforts.

Utilized VirtualAd's innovative "hook, story, offer" format for creative marketing.

Forecasted and allocated budgets optimally, leveraging historical data for precision.

Employed performance marketing to attract a high volume of qualified leads.

Reduced lead costs and maximized deal value through strategic CRM optimizations.

Improved investment cost efficiency through rigorous A/B testing.

Prioritized data-driven strategies for ongoing campaign refinement and improvement.

Lauren Flanagan remarks:
“We realized quickly we needed to scale up and we needed to do it quickly…VirtualAd came highly recommended. We always had it in the back of our heads that we wanted to work with you guys again”

Unlocking Investments: The Collaborative Journey of McGillivray Capital Partners and VirtualAd

McGillivray Capital Partners and VirtualAd united with a bold mission: to secure $30 million for upcoming real estate investment initiatives. McGillivray entrusted VirtualAd with the task of building investor interest, generating leads and booking qualified meetings.

Together, they charted a course of innovation, crafting and executing a strategy to meet their ambitious investment goal within an 18-month window. Continue reading to uncover the tactics behind their fundraising strategy and the outcomes achieved through this dynamic collaboration.

Lauren Flanagan reflects:

“Your proposal was great, you made it really easy. We ended up not calling the other agencies we were speaking with - we ended up going with you guys right away”
EXECUTION: A Multi-Channel Approach for Fund Growth

VirtualAd's Tailored Acquisition Strategy: Guiding Investors from Engagement to Investment with McGillivray Capital Partners

VirtualAd's strategy for McGillivray Capital Partners involved a multi-touch marketing funnel approach, targeting and nurturing prospects from first ad engagement to becoming investors, ensuring a seamless journey through each stage.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Google Search, YouTube, and Performance Max, we maximized reach and engagement across diverse acquisition channels.

Impactful Creative

Our captivating campaigns followed a compelling hook, story, offer structure, strategically capturing attention, conveying benefits, and effectively converting prospects into investors.

Custom Marketing Funnel

Tailored landing pages, in-Facebook lead forms, and personalized messaging ensured a seamless user journey, adapting to individual positions within the funnel.

Automating & Optimizing CRM

Our CRM service tailors the user journey at each touchpoint, with tools like welcome emails, win-back automations, and auto-booking sales meetings to streamline lead-to-investor conversion.

Budget Forecasting

Data-driven forecasting, based on historical conversion rates, empowered us to project budgets and timelines accurately, ensuring alignment with fund goals.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our real-time performance pacing dashboard provided stakeholders with invaluable insights into progress, results, and on-demand decision-making capabilities, driving optimization and maximizing results.

Strategic Collaboration

Regular communication via email, phone, and strategic meetings ensured alignment, with sales team collaboration enhancing lead quality, scoring for prioritization, and custom reporting to identify key prospects.

Custom Tracking and Analytics

Implementation of custom tracking codes and parameters enabled campaign algorithms to identify high-value audiences, driving efficiencies, reducing costs, and delivering high lead volumes.

Lauren Flanagan remarks:
“Your team's very organized and that's a great plus… your reporting structure has been particularly good, the custom real-time dashboard has been very helpful for me… the meeting cadence and the way you run your organization has been helpful… monthly meetings, the structure of those meetings, the structure of the report… it’s really helped me stay organized… your whole team has taken the time to learn our product and you guys really understand it”

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Our digital campaign's targeted approach delivered significant results, enhancing investor inquiries and engagement.

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Lauren Flanagan reflects:

“We've been very pleased this year with the way things have gone. We had a goal that we were trying to reach within 18 months and we ended up reaching that goal in 12 months. That was really great and digital marketing was a big part of that.”
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Expanding Horizons

Our partnership with McGillivray Capital Partners showcases the transformative power of digital marketing. Looking ahead, we're dedicated to surpassing our revised target for Fund II to raise an additional $20M, cementing the foundation for future fundraising endeavors.