The VirtualAd Performance Methodology™

A rigorous 9 step process to ensure optimal performance and campaign efficiency

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The VirtualAd Performance Methodology™ comprises a meticulously crafted 9 step process aimed at maximizing the performance of your digital marketing campaigns while effectively achieving your growth goals.

Everything starts with a comprehensive alignment session of your growth aspirations and then our team works backwards on putting together a game plan that will get you there. A full breakdown of this 9 step process can be seen below.

How the framework tracks progress
Account Strategist
Campaign Manager

The VirtualAd POD Structure™

The VirtualAd POD structure is a three person powerhouse unit that will take your digital marketing to the next level. Comprised of an Account Strategist, Campaign Manager and Designer, this trio is responsible for driving outstanding performance and results for your business.

The Account Strategist brings a deep understanding of your business objectives and marketing goals to the team. They work closely with you to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan, establishing key performance indicators and continuously working with the team to ensure success.

The Campaign Manager is the driving force behind executing the marketing plan. They use their technical expertise in digital advertising to implement complex tracking requirements, manage and optimize campaigns across multiple platforms, ensuring your message reaches your target audience at the right time and place.

Finally, the Designer brings creativity and flair to the team. They use their eye for design to create visually stunning ads and marketing materials that capture the attention of your audience and drive revenue.

Together, this team is a force to be reckoned with. They work seamlessly to deliver exceptional results for your business, keeping you ahead of the competition and driving growth and success.

Step One

The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™

The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™ is a fundamental step to set up accurate tracking and attribution, cross channel reporting, conversion rate optimization tools and real time reporting infrastructure to showcase results.

Phase 2 of this framework includes a detailed alignment meeting which is a fundamental step to establish specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based growth goals for your business.

Your Account Strategist will work closely with you to determine these goals, using historical channel-by-channel performance data to run realistic revenue projections and determine budget requirements to help you get there. Part of this process also includes defining an optimal marketing channel mix that will help you achieve your growth goals.

See here to learn more about the VirtualAd Measurement Framework™

Step TWO

Account Transition Immediate Optimizations

During the initial 2 weeks of our partnership, our team proactively takes steps to optimize your existing campaigns and ensure they perform at their peak potential. We start managing your marketing channels by pacing budgets, refining audience combinations, implementing exclusions (utilizing API, pixel and CRM ruling), and promptly shutting off underperforming campaigns, audiences, and ads.

Moreover, we launch and optimize retargeting sequences utilizing existing assets, update naming conventions and organize campaign structures. Additionally, we set up Google-branded campaigns to establish your brand's online presence and ensure your own the Google real estate associated with searches for your brand.

To keep you informed, we set up your profile in our performance tracking log and budgeting worksheets, and provide you with monthly reports and account transition updates. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to delivering superior performance and tangible results for your business.

Step Three

The VirtualAd Campaign Launcher™

Ensuring your campaign strategy is executed flawlessly in practice is of utmost importance, and one of the most crucial functions in achieving your growth goals. To achieve this, your dedicated Account Strategist will create a comprehensive marketing strategy, including a customer journey map, channel mix, budget allocations, audience targeting strategies, ad messaging, sequencing and more.

All campaign details and direction are then submitted to our proprietary software, the VirtualAd Campaign Launcher™. This in-house developed tool provides strategic direction to the Campaign Manager, enabling them to effectively create campaigns, upload ads, plan audience targeting combinations, and expertly execute your marketing strategy.

Our commitment to excellence means that we continually use the VirtualAd Campaign Launcher™ to facilitate the launching of new campaigns, tactics, ads and experiments. This tool streamlines communication of strategies and ensures that we are always executing on our intended plan and striving for better performance and results.

Step Four

Naming Conventions and Account Organization

Campaign structuring and management is important, but having strong organization in your accounts is also very important. Your VirtualAd POD deploys clear and consistent naming conventions for all ad and tracking platforms, to ensure cohesion with how campaigns, ad sets, ads, events, triggers, assets are named. Furthermore, folders are used to create good organization amongst assets, tags and triggers - while your team looks to also remove old, unsued components that are taking away from core strategies that are currently active.

Effective campaign structuring and management are essential for any successful advertising strategy. However, it's equally crucial to have a robust organization system in place for your accounts. At VirtualAd, we understand the significance of clarity and consistency in how we are using naming conventions. Your VirtualAd POD will ensure all campaigns, ad sets, ads, events, triggers and assets are named cohesively.

Our approach doesn't stop there; we also utilize folders to promote seamless organization amongst assets, tags and triggers. Additionally, we prioritize removing old and unused components that may distract from core strategies currently in play. With VirtualAd, your advertising campaigns will be well-structured and organized to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Step Five

Daily Campaign Checks

Every day, your dedicated campaign manager will conduct comprehensive checks to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly without any issues. These daily assessments provide you with peace of mind knowing that a seasoned professional is constantly monitoring your campaigns, and proactively identifying optimization opportunities to enhance their performance on a consistent basis.

Step Six

Ongoing Optimizations

On a continuous basis, your campaign manager will execute vital optimizations to enhance campaign efficiency and performance. With thousands of optimization options available, these may include shutting down underperforming campaigns and audiences, implementing advanced bid strategies, reallocating budgets to high-performing channels, refining keyword strategies and negative keyword lists, conducting A/B testing, updating exclusion lists, and conducting profitability calculations, among other strategies.

Step Seven

Performance Management System

At VirtualAd, we pride ourselves on our rigorous performance management system. Our process is designed to ensure that our team meets your performance expectations and achieves the goals that we have aligned on during our goal alignment meetings.

Our multi-step process provides us with a comprehensive approach to quality assurance. We are proactive in maintaining strong performance and optimizing strategies that are not meeting your KPIs.

Our system includes 2x weekly POD meetings, where we review the previous week's performance and identify opportunities for optimization in the upcoming week. We keep key stakeholders up to date on performance through an internal performance tracking log. We also track tactical deliverables and their impact on performance through internal optimization notes. Additionally, we conduct A/B testing and analyze testing takeaways to further improve campaign performance.

We are always ready to address urgent campaign-related matters with ad hoc meetings, providing prompt and efficient solutions. Our performance management system ensures that we deliver the best results for your business.

Step eight

Budget Management

Managing your marketing budget is a critical responsibility that demands careful attention. It's a significant investment for your business, so maximizing its impact is of paramount importance.

Your dedicated Account Strategist works closely with you to ensure that our team's marketing expenditures align with your objectives. While we establish a budget plan during your onboarding, we understand that there may be fluctuations in spending due to performance variations. In such cases, our team will always consult with you before making any adjustments. Our internal Budgeting Worksheet is utilized by your Account Strategist to allocate your monthly marketing budget across the various channels we manage on your behalf.

Moreover, your Campaign Manager continually evaluates the performance of your campaigns, audiences, and ads, and adjusts your marketing budget accordingly. We recognize that wasted spend on ineffective strategies is unacceptable. Thus, reallocating your budget to the best-performing channels is an integral part of ensuring that your campaigns operate efficiently and effectively.

You may discover that the distribution of budget allocations adheres to the 80/20 principle, with most of the advertising expenditure directed towards prospecting strategies, while the rest is allotted for retargeting. Nevertheless, this allocation may vary significantly depending on your specific goals and objectives.

Step Nine

Issue Monitoring

Occasionally, unforeseeable issues may arise in your ad accounts. Unfortunately, ad platforms can be unpredictable, and you may encounter scenarios such as ads being disapproved without clear indication of why, ad accounts being banned from advertising, unwanted comments being posted on your ads, ads not delivering or being disapproved, tracking events breaking, accounts being temporarily locked, users being locked out of their accounts, or the occasional technology bug that disrupts your intended set up.

However, rest assured that your Campaign Manager remains vigilant in detecting any obstacles that could impede the smooth operation of your account and campaigns. Any issues are promptly identified, and a solution is quickly sought.

As a top-tier marketing partner for all the major ad platforms, including Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Klaviyo, and more, we benefit from close relationships with Account Managers from each platform. This advantage allows us to promptly address any unforeseeable issues that may arise. Furthermore, your dedicated VirtualAd POD regularly meets with Account Managers from each platform to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Benefits of The VirtualAd Performance Methodology™

The VirtualAd Measurement Framework™ enables the VirtualAd team to drive higher performance for your business and bring you transparent campaign results to your fingertips.

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Dedicated Account Team

You will have an Account Strategist, Campaign Manager, and Designer handling your digital marketing campaign.
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Performance Management System

Maximize your digital marketing campaign performance by analyzing and tracking  key performance indicators.
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Multiple Platform Optimization

Optimize towards event triggers based on which consideration phase users are in and share audience data across multiple platforms
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Target High Value Audiences

Restrict campaign spending based on hitting minimum performance metrics and test advanced bidding tactics to reduce conversion costs
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Achieve Growth Goals

Analyze cross channel performance using Google Analytics as your unbiased representation of platform performance
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Analyze & Track KPIs

See all of your key metrics in one place for easier comparison and without logging into multiple platforms on a frequent basis
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Daily Campaign Checks

Every day, your dedicated campaign manager will conduct comprehensive checks to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly without any issues.
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Budget Management

Managing your marketing budget is a critical responsibility that demands careful attention. It's a significant investment for your business, so maximizing its impact is of paramount importance.

Sample Implementation Deliverables

Pixel Implementation
Calendly Integrations
GA4 Implementation
Pre-Scheduled Meetings
Custom Events
Custom Audiences
Google Tag Manager
Reporting & Commentary
Apple iOS Requirements
Audience Exclusions
Reporting Dashboard
Custom UTM Builder
High Value Events
Audience Segmentation
CRM Integration
Goal Forecasting by Channel
Data Layer Triggering
Cross Platform Data Sharing
Collaborate on Lead Quality
Budget Allocation Mix
Tag and Trigger Organization
Funnel Visualization
Screenshots of Implementation
Cross Domain Client ID Transfer
....and more

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